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FoundPac was founded as an import-export company who made a significant impact in the manufacturing and engineering industry. In 2004, the Company expanded into the international semiconductor sector, offering precision parts, module assembly and turn-key projects.

Our meticulous attention to detail sets us apart from others. All products are crafted with supreme quality from design to manufacturing. We are accredited with ISO 9001 as proof of our quality and commitment to excellence. It is our mission to deliver products in a cost-efficient and timely manner that exceeds expectations.

A Network of Excellence

FoundPac nurtures alliances with a reputable network of vendors and contractors in order to provide an unequalled standard of excellence.

Synergie - Cad

A leading Semiconductor- interface and PCB solution- supplier specialising in design, manufacturing and assembly of high end semiconductor test interfaces.

BeCe Pte Ltd

Total test-solutions provider for high frequency, high performance test sockets and high pin counts.

U4Global Solutions

The cost-efficient solution for equipment sourcing and spare parts procurement of cleanroom and semiconductor equipment in the manufacturing and related industries.


Specialists in the design, engineering and manufacturing of prototypes and limited manufacturing of Aerospace Space and Defense, Electronics and Automotive products and services.

Our Sister Companies

Sin Yen Technologies Sdn Bhd

Specialise in providing solution and equipment for SMD COIL products such as CHIP INDUCTOR, COMMON MODE CHOKE, POWER INDUCTOR COIL and VOICE COIL.

Plea Sdn Bhd

Personal Locator Emergency Assistance (PLEA)
PLEA functioned as a GPS Tracker, intends to unleash the Power of Connectivity, PLEA empowers you to stay connected with your loved ones and precious assets wherever you are through its real-time GPS System Tracking Platform.

Dynamic Stencil Sdn Bhd

Leading SMT Stencils manufacturing company based in Penang, Malaysia. With over 20 years of extensive expertise in the field, it has a long standing reputation for providing first class products with the best print performance.

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