• precision engineering

    what you envision, we create

    premium design engineering

    Using 3D imaging, we bring your ideas to life and give you a complete picture how the project will look like from start to finish. Our team of engineers and machinists work together to ensure that your specifications, especially close tolerances, are met.

  • precision engineering

    what you envision, we create

    Exceptional Quality. Award Winning Manufacturing

    When precision counts, we ensure that each product is engineered under ISO 9001 procedures, producing high precision components of exceptional quality.

  • Hand Buffing & Polishing

    the human touch

    Hand Buffing & Polishing

    At FoundPac, we pride ourselves on getting the job done and doing it well. Machine polishing lacks the sensitivity required to detect defects but the human eye and hand can feel them. That is why we take care to hand polish each product. It takes longer but the results speak for themselves.

  • qa capabilities

    a culture of excellence

    QA capabilities

    Leveraging our expertise and leading-edge technology, we stringently inspect every component to ensure that it meets your requirements and adheres to industrial standards. Before delivery, each product undergoes a final visual inspection.

  • assembly setup

    robust experience, relentless perfection

    assembly setup

    Our highly skilled engineers and production crew have the expertise needed to assemble the most demanding precision components.

  • Packing

    out of the box thinking


    Once the product has passed the final inspection, we proceed to the next crucial step: packing. We go to great lengths to ensure that the product reaches you unharmed. Each package is cushioned by ESD foam and optimized for size, weight and shipment cost. There are a few types of packaging available but all are easy to unpack and dispose of.

  • build-to-stock

    crafted to your expectations


    FoundPac believes in quality over quantity. Our production system is manufactures stock to a fixed schedule, ensuring that there are always units in our warehouse.

  • response time

    delivering excellence on time

    product delivery

    Behind every great product is a great team. Assisting our production crew in delivering value to our customers is our customer service team. Fast, proactive response is their mode of operations to respond to every enquiry in less than 4 hours and send out a quotation within 48 hours.